The Department of Telecommunications is committed to integrating state-of-the-art production equipment within the classroom.  Our equipment ‘fleet’ includes professional HD Camcorders, DSLRs, and various support equipment including:


- Sony PMW-EX3s

- Canon 7D DSLRs

- Canon 60D DSLRs

- Related Tascam Audio Field Recorders

- Canon (including L-series) Prime, Zoom, and Tilt-Shift EF Mount Lenses

- RedRock Micro Support Gear (matte boxes & filters, follow-focuses, and associated support)

- Chrosziel Support Gear (matte boxes, follow-focuses, and associated support)

- Kessler Crane Pocket Dollies

- Doorway Dollies and Track

- Assorted HMI Light Kits

- Lowell Light Kits

- Jibs & Cranes

- A wide variety of tripods and related gear.

- A small ‘fleet’ of omni/cardiod/hypercardiod wireless, shotgun, and stick microphones.


Students have full access to low-end gear their freshman gear and during introductory production courses.  Talented students, who demonstrate a high degree of proficiency and responsibility, gain full-access to any and all production equipment.