Internship Requirements

To be eligible for an internship:

  • You must have approval from the department’s internship coordinator before engaging in an internship. Credit for an internship will not be granted following the start of the experience. The internship coordinator has discretionary authority to grant or refuse permission depending upon circumstances.
  • You must have completed 18 hours of TCOM courses*, including the pre-TCOM core courses, news, and journalism classes within the TCOM major. *Note: This requirement may be waived for students with outside experience.
  • You must present a written description of the internship requirements including a description of the duties to be assigned to you.
  • Since the university provides general liability coverage for students, internships will not be granted with employers who require the signing of a contract that indemnifies students from insurance or liability, requires releases or waivers, or includes noncompete clauses.
  • An internship is taken for 1–6 credit hours. TCOM 391 has six sections; section 1 is 1 credit hour, section 2 is 2 credit hours, and so forth. Only one section may be taken in a given semester.
  • You may complete more than one internship in your academic career; however, the total number of credit hours for all internships may not exceed 6.
  • A written paper, of at least three pages, is required at the end of the internship, due to the internship coordinator on the Friday prior to your last week with the employer/internship sponsor.
    • At a minimum, the paper should answer the following questions:
      • What value did your internship add to your knowledge and skills?
      • What problems or challenges did you face in your internship?
      • Which Ball State classes and activities best prepared you for this experience?
      • What could the department have included in our curriculum to better prepare you for your internship?
    • In addition, you may also address particular problems or rewards that were extraneous to the internship itself but had an impact on your experience.

  • If you do not complete your internship within the semester in which you registered for it, you will receive a letter grade of I (incomplete) until all requirements are met and approved by the internship coordinator.
  • Internship course work that receives a grade of I that is not completed within 12 months of registration will automatically convert to a letter grade of F on your transcript.
  • In total, only 15 hours of independent study, practicum, and internship may be taken in telecommunications.
  • Special circumstances involving internship enrollment, placement, and evaluation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with the final determination and course of action to be determined by the internship coordinator.
  • On occasion, the internship coordinator may consult with other faculty, students, and/or the supervising employer.