It's your senior year. You are getting ready to graduate. How do you show off what you do to potential employers? There are the usual social media sites, such as and, where you can show off your stuff. But what about networking with employers, working the crowd, and getting people to recognize you? That's where TCOM can help. 

With our national reputation, alumni base, and experienced faculty, we can help you--the graduating senior--with opportunities to let you be seen and heard. But you have to want it. 

We work with the Department of Theatre and Dance to bring some TCOM talent to Los Angeles every May for the L.A. Showcase. Several talent agents are there--mostly looking for actors--but they are also looking for you. Also, we showcase work with the annual Frog Baby Film Festival.  Every year, TCOM's Cardinal FilmWorks student group supervises a short-film festival that attracts national, regional, and local video stories to campus. Several TCOM student works have won awards. Ball State's Pruis Hall is a 600-seat, HD ready, surround sound megaplex that you can use for free if you wish to show off your stuff. 

There are two constants in the media world: 1) talent and 2) who you know. You bring the talent. TCOM will help you get to the "who you know."