BSU Tonight is a TV entertainment show that is formatted in a way to appeal to college students and the public as a whole. Although the objective is to produce quality programming, BSU Tonight was founded on the goal of giving students the training needed to excel in upper level TCOM classes. The program airs on local public access cable channels.

Cardinal Filmworks is a student run organization that operates similarly to a real life movie production company but without the paychecks. There are many different positions for anyone who wants to get involved, regardless of your film experience. Cardinal Filmworks is also responsible for the annual Frogbaby Film Festival.

Indiana Outdoors is a Ball State-recognized student organization that produces a half-hour nature show for public television that highlights the natural resources, historic sites, and recreational opportunities in Indiana. Students independently shoot stories from all over the state.

Reel Deal is Ball State's premier movie review and entertainment news show. The Reel Deal is a half-hour weekly television show that highlights current, upcoming, and classic Hollywood films as well as film-related events and productions around campus. In addition, the Reel Deal conducts interviews with campus filmmakers and records on-location feedback from student at university film events.

Something Else TV (SETV) is a student run sketch comedy TV show. Members present sketch ideas and with the help of others make them a reality. All sketches are then put together in one 30-minute episode with multiple-themed segues between sketches. Episodes are streamed via the group's Web site,