Your internship should help strengthen your professional skills and interpersonal relationships in professional settings.

Finding or being placed in an internship and receiving credit for the experience are privileges, not rights. You must want this experience. And to get academic credit for an internship, you must first go through the department's internship coordinator

You will not be assigned to a specific internship; you must examine the plethora of available employers and select from among them. The internship coordinator will offer guidance and suggestions for specific locations if you are struggling to find an appropriate placement.

An internship placement may be with any organization, association, or business where the knowledge and skills developed in the telecommunications major are applicable, subject to the approval of the internship coordinator.

Wherever you decide to go for your internship, the experience should allow you to have a close working relationship with a seasoned professional and to increase your confidence by experiencing the industry first-hand with involvement in planning, implementing, and evaluating of assigned tasks.