Step 1. Have a current resume available, or at least a rough draft ready to be polished. Need help getting started? The Career Center has helpful resume creation resources. If, in your resume, you indicate that examples of your work or your digital portfolio are available upon request, be certain that the examples or portfolio have actually been completed and are ready for distribution when requested.

Step 2. Decide where you want to live and in what kind of work you wish to be employed. Several search engines on the Web can help you look at locations, comparative costs of living, and internship opportunities in that market, though the employment/internship listings tend to be general and not usually of much help for graduates in our industry.

Step 3. Once you have taken the first two steps, then the search for an internship begins in earnest, using one, several, or all of these resources (pursue whichever of these seems most promising, then if you don’t find that successful, move on to other options):

  • Referral by a current employees, such as a family members, friends, TCOM alumni, or mentors
    • TCOM alumni—our TCOM alumni work in most major markets in the United States, and the department maintains contact information for many of them.
    • Friends and former classmates—related to the above, if you have kept in touch with any of your friends and classmates who have left Muncie, they are often willing to help you find a position through the contacts they have made since leaving. Just ask.
  • Internship Lists—the internship coordinator maintains a list notices of internship availabilities in Indiana and out of state for a wide variety of industry-related positions.
  • Cold call contacts—if you have the opportunity to spend some time in the market where you want to relocate, you may want to simply pick up the telephone to contact a station, ad agency, production house, or corporation in which you have an interest to ask if there are any internships available.
  • Internet—Internet listings of many companies have an employment button under which internship information may also be displayed.
  • Faculty—all members of the telecommunications faculty are willing to help you find an appropriate internship. Start by contacting with the faculty who teach in the topic areas where you want to do your internship. For example, faculty member teaching production will best be able to help you find an internship in production.