Before even becoming a TCOM major, you can start your relationship with the department. As a freshman, we encourage you to get involved with the TCOM family, underclass groups (students who do things together because they are in the same year of study and/or the same TCOM major option), and extracurricular programs. We want to get to know you, develop a tight relationship with you in your freshman year, and maintain that throughout your years of study and after you graduate.

But back to being a freshman—to help you become acquainted with the major, its options, the department, the field of study, etc. and to give you an opportunity to just have fun, we hold freshmen-only events and seminars. Ball State also has an innovative and nationally recognized program, Freshman Connections, just for first-year students.

For example, right off the bat--as soon as you get here in the fall or spring--we have Super Party. This event, which is held in the main hallway running from the Robert Bell Building, through the Ball Communication Building, and into the Art and Journalism Building, lets you peruse all of the extracurricular groups available for you to join. Sign up and start your career.

These pre-TCOM experiences are critical to your success here at Ball State and into your career. It's here where you meet people who will be your friends, coworkers, and allies for life.  Working in these groups allows you, as a freshman, to engage with the resources that TCOM has to offer. This type of experience is unique in academia. Rarely are freshmen allowed to "play with the toys." Here, we encourage you to do it. That's part of the reason you are here!