Theatre and Dance


Talented students, caring faculty, fine facilities, and strong university support have made Ball State University's Department of Theatre and Dance a program of choice for the serious undergraduate theatre and dance student. If you're interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree and career in this area, the following information and related links will help you apply for admission.

Application Process
Prospective students must apply to and be accepted by Ball State University. Theatre and dance students are encouraged to apply for admission before February 1st. Ball State's published deadline for priority applications is March 1. Review the university's admission requirements and learn how to apply to Ball State.

Audition Requirement
An audition is required for admission to the acting, musical theatre, and dance programs. Auditions are NOT required for initial enrollment in the theatrical studies, design and technology, theatre education, and production (directing/stage management) programs, unless you are applying for scholarships. Students may audition before applying for admission or before acceptance to the university. Learn more about auditions for admission and scholarships.

Admission to Ball State does not necessarily guarantee admission to the theatre and dance programs. Students who are accepted by Ball State but not admitted to the acting or musical theatre options may declare a theatre major with a theatrical studies option and re-audition after completing at least one semester on campus.

The Department of Theatre and Dance will make every effort to contact applicants for the acting and musical theatre options, dance program, and scholarships by April 15. Students who are not accepted to the acting, musical theatre, or dance options will be contacted by mail.

More Information
For complete information on program requirements, please consult the Ball State University Undergraduate Catalog or contact the Department of Theatre and Dance.