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BFA Dance Audition Guidelines

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An audition is required for admission to the BFA dance program. Prospective students participate in a technique class (approximately two hours long), executing work in each of the following disciplines – ballet,
modern, and jazz. Students who wish to be considered for advanced placement in tap may also complete a tap combination, but please note that this portion of the audition is optional and for placement purposes only.

Prospective students should be prepared to participate in an interview with current dance faculty to
discuss their individual academic and artistic goals. In addition, students who wish to be considered for talent
scholarships should also be prepared to show a solo (approximately 90 seconds long) in the dance style of their choosing.


This personal, multi disciplinary approach enables the dance faculty panel to observe each student’s technique, performance quality, and artistry, as well as their adaptability in a range of dance styles and the ability to learn new and unfamiliar material quickly. Ultimately, this process allows the dance faculty an opportunity to get to know each prospective student as a unique and individual artist. In conjunction, prospective students have an opportunity to display their individual strengths in several disciplines and capacities so dance faculty may assess each student’s potential to thrive and succeed in the dance curriculum.


A typical audition day begins with registration in the morning where students and parents have an opportunity to mingle with current Theatre and Dance faculty and students. This is followed by an informal introduction of the departmental faculty and an opportunity for prospective parents and students to see our current students perform.

Following this, parents attend a question and answer session with department chair Bill Jenkins, Dance Advisor Sarah Manglesdorf, and current Dance students, while the auditioning prospective students prepare for technique class. The class consists of ballet barre and centre work in addition to progressions and/or combinations in both modern and jazz, and may last anywhere from ninety minutes to three hours (two hours is typical), depending on the number of students auditioning. To conclude the class component of the audition, students wishing to take the optional tap portion will complete tap phrase work and/or a combination.

Immediately following the class portion of the audition, students who do not wish to be considered for talent scholarships will meet with dance faculty for a brief and informal interview. This is an opportunity for the faculty panel to gather any additional information they may need regarding the prospective student’s candidacy and also an opportunity for the student to address any questions or thoughts they may have regarding the audition process.

Following this, students wishing to be considered for talent scholarships will present their solo work for the faculty panel. Upon completion of the solo performance, each student will have an opportunity to briefly chat with dance faculty for the informal interview.

Please note that all portions of the audition (class, solo performance, and interview) are closed to parents and observers.


In order for the dance faculty to properly assess each student’s placement, alignment, and movement skills, it is essential that students adhere to the dress code below for the audition.

  • Women – Solid colored leotard with tights that can make the transition from footed to bare feet.
  • Men – Unitard or black tights/fitted Capri length dance pants, a fitted solid colored T-shirt or tank.
  • Shoes – Ballet slippers, bare feet for modern, jazz shoes or sneakers, and tap shoes (optional). 
  • All – Supportive undergarments should be worn – dance belts for men and supportive bras for women. All should have hair neat and pulled away from the face. Also, please note that there should be no loose or dangling jewelry of any kind.

10 AM             Registration at Ball Gymnasium 
                            *Lower Lobby 
                            *Registration lasts for precisely one hour so please arrive no sooner than 10 AM and no 
                              later than 11 AM.

11 AM             Presentation by Ball State Dance Students and Introduction Of Ball State Dance Faculty 
                            *Korsgaard Dance Studio (KDS) BG 213

11:30 AM        Discussion with parents and guardians given by Department Chairperson Bill 
                      Jenkins, Program Advisor Sarah Manglesdorf, and current Ball State Dance Majors 
                            *Auditioning students will remain in Ball Gym 213 to prepare for auditions. 
                            *After parent meeting, parents will be directed to appropriate locations.

12 PM             Dance Major Audition Classes Begin 
                            * Korsgaard Dance Studio (KDS) BG 213

2 PM               Interviews for students not wishing to be considered for talent scholarships will take place. 
                            *Please note that any student who wishes to be considered for a talent scholarship is 
                              required to present a solo performance.

2:15 PM          Solo performances by prospective students who wish to be considered for talent
                       scholarships will take place. Following the solo, each student will have an
                        informal interview with dance faculty.
                            *Korsgaard Dance Studio (KDS) BG 213                    

Please contact Andrea Sadler at 765-285-8740 for information regarding DVD/VHS auditions.

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