Theatre and Dance

Design and Technology Interviews

Interview Guidelines

The Department of Theatre and Dance encourages students who are interested in all areas of design and technology to interview for the Fine Arts Scholarship Program:


  1. Prepare a resume that outlines your theatre activities and experience.  Include a portfolio or folder of materials which illustrates your work, if applicable.  Students in all disciplines may also submit renderings, models, drawings, sketches, prompt books, poster or program designs, and photographs. You may also present a notebook containing program copies and stage photographs for design and technology, directing, and/or stage management for each production you wish to document. 
  1. Prepare a short statement of purpose about what you want to do in the theatre.  In the statement, you should be able to clearly explain why you have a passion for your area of interest as well as what skills and values you possess which will make you an effective student now and a working professional in your area of interest later.
  1. Also, be prepared to discuss and answer questions about your portfolio, folder, statement of purpose and experiences.
  1. You will be interviewed by Department of Theatre and Dance faculty and students.  We want you to relax and feel at home in our department.

**Please note that we do not expect every student to have physical representation of work done or to be at a specific level of knowledge or experience. It is acceptable for a student to only have the required resume. However, it is strongly encouraged to bring anything you might think will help the interview process, as outlined above.**

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