Click on the appropriate link for information about the Writing Proficiency Course:


On-campus Students:

You can register for a section of WPP393 (Writing Proficiency Course) using SS Banner Registration at any time during the regular registration period. Because WPP393 is only 7 weeks long, there are several sections of WPP393 offered during the first half of the semester (WP1) and more are offered during the second half of the semester (WP2).

You do not need permission to sign up for WPP393, but you need to have completed the prerequisites:

  • ENG 104 or its equivalent
  • At least 60 credits toward graduation.

Online and Distance Education Students:

The sections of WPP393 which are offered online are reserved for students in the online baccalaureate programs offered through Distance Education.
Before you can register for these sections, you must contact the Writing Proficiency Program at . Please explain that you are an online baccalaureate student and need permission placed on your record, so you can sign up for WPP393. We will email you back once the permission is in place, and you can then register for the course using SS Banner Registration.
Your instructor will contact you via email a week before the scheduled course begin and give you the information you need to take the course.