Choosing the best article for you to use in WPP392 should take you some time.  Therefore, we suggest the following:

  • Go to the “Current Articles” link on this website as soon as the articles are posted and note the names and dates of the options.
  • Go to the Ball State Library CardCat Website via 
  • Log into CardCat with your Outlook username and password.
  • Click on "Course Reserves" in the upper toolbar.
  • Type “WPP 392” in the search box and click on "By Course Name." 
  • You may be prompted to enter your username and password again to access the articles.

  • Read all the available articles carefully before making your decision. 
  • Don't make your choice based on the title of an article only--make sure you at least read some of each of the offerings.
  • Don’t choose an article because it seems “easier,” or will “take less work,” or “fits your schedule best,” or “all your friends are taking that one.” These are not good considerations because they will limit your engagement with the article and the ideas it addresses.

  • Do consider which of the articles appeals to you most as an intellectual, a thinker.
  • Do a critical reading of the article—which would mean 
    (a) analyzing the text 
    (b) thinking about the text’s, the topic’s, and the author’s historical, biographical, and cultural context 
    (c) reflecting on the text’s relationship to your own beliefs, knowledge, experiences, and values. 

Make sure when you register for a section of WPP392 that you check that you have registered for one which uses the article you chose.  You can check this by clicking on the red CRN# (Course Reference Number).