WPP 394 (Writing Proficiency Seminar) is a junior-level writing seminar that allows eligible students to demonstrate their writing proficiency according to the criteria established by Ball State University's Writing Proficiency Program.

Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to register for WPP394:

  • Have completed ENG 104 or114 (or equivalent) with a C grade or better.
  • Have at least 90 but not more than 108 completed credits at the time of registration.
  • Have not received CR for WPP392 (Writing Proficiency Exam), WPP393 (Writing Proficiency Course), or WPP394 (Writing Proficiency Seminar).
  • Have received NC after 1 attempt of WPP 392 and are within the 90 - 108 credit limit

In addition, WPP394 is required of returning students who meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed ENG 104 or 114 (or equivalent) with a C grade or better. 
  • Have more than 89 completed credits
  • Have not received a CR or NC grade for WPP392 (Writing Proficiency Exam), WPP393 (Writing Proficiency Course), or WPP394 (Writing Proficiency Seminar)
  • Have been inactive for at least one calendar year.  

During each 3-week Seminar, students work with an instructor who provides intensive writing instruction and helps students prepare an outline that may be used to write a timed-writing essay. Like the essays of WPP392 (Writing Proficiency Exam), the WPP394 time-writing essay is assessed holistically by a team of readers and receives a  grade of CR or NC.

WPP394 is designated a 1-credit course and is offered on a Credit/No Credit basis. The 1 credit for WPP394 does count toward graduation, but does not assign quality points--i.e. the Seminar's grade does not impact a student's Grade Point Average. Successful completion of the Seminar satisfies the Writing Proficiency requirement; however, if a grade of NC is recorded, the student must successfully complete WPP393 (Writing Proficiency Course), instead.

WPP394 sections are available by permission only, so students must contact the Writing Proficiency Office or writingcomp@bsu.edu prior to registering for WPP394. WPP394 is offered three times a semester during the academic year, twice in Summer semester, and is available in online sections for students in the Distance education baccalaureate programs.