ANTH 341 Anthropology and Women 3 credit hours.
Development of the female phenotype; variation in the roles assigned to women in cultures of differing levels of complexity from gatherer-hunters to industrial societies—both Western and non-Western—and the contributions of women anthropologists to understanding this variation.

CC 302 Women in Antiquity 3 credit hours.
The study of women in ancient Greece and Rome, based on evidence from literary and non-literary sources. Explores the influence of social, political, and legal institutions on the status of women and their relationships with men.

CJC 311 Race, Ethnic, and Gender Issues in Criminal Justice 3 credit hours.
Examination of racial, ethnic, and gender issues regarding criminal offenders, victims of crime, and employees of the criminal justice system. Prerequisite: CJC 220, 221, 230, 240, 250, or permission of the instructor.

ENG 328 Language and Gender 3 credit hours.
A detailed examination of the relationship between language and gender. Differences in the way that men and women use language (from pronunciation to conversational and narrative styles) will be documented and analyzed.

ENG 490 Literature and Gender 3 credit hours.
Study of Gender and sexuality as understood, constructed and contested in one or more cultral/historical settings. Texts may include literacy, critical and theoretical wrtings and works in other media.

FL 307 European Women Writers 3 credit hours.
Readings in English translation of selected works of major twentieth-century women writers in European languages. Topics and works may vary. May not be applied to foreign language majors or minors. Not open to students who have credit in EURO 307.

HIST 215 Women in American History 3 credit hours.
An introduction to the study of women in American history; considers the social and economic status of women at various times, changing conceptions of their roles, attitudes towards women, women's ideas about themselves, and the women's rights movement.

HIST 452 Women in Modern European History 3 credit hours.
Survey of women's experiences in modern European history. Examines the impact of major socio-cultural, political, an economic developments upon their lives; attitudes toward women's social roles; and their diverse attempts to change their social, political, economic, and sexual status.

HSC 261 Health, Sexuality, and Family Life 3 credit hours.
Health aspects of human sexuality and family life with a focus on human reproduction, physiology of sexual response, sexual disorders and dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, promotion of sexual health, and the family's role in sex education.

HSC 472 Women and Health 3 credit hours.
General overview of issues related to women's health: health needs of working women, special nutrition concerns, the gynecological exam, reproductive anatomy and physiology, fertility, infertility, breast problems, abuse, and rape.

POLS 241 Family Law 3 credit hours.
Designed to acquaint students with legal problems in domestic relations. Covers legal problems involved in marriage, separation, divorce, child custody, adoption, and nonsupport.

POLS 474 Women and Politics 3 credit hours.
National survey of women and the political process, with an emphasis on women and contemporary public issues.

PSYSC 277 Psychology of Sexual Behavior 3 credit hours.
An examination of the determinants of human sexual behavior, focusing on the development of sexual identity and attitudes. Uses perspectives from social psychology, personality theory, and physiological psychology to build an understanding of this most complex behavior. Prerequisite: PSYSC 100.

PSYSC 324 Psychology of Women 3 credit hours.
Psychological study of women with emphasis on achievement, motivation, and dependency, attitudes towards women, sex-role identity, biological and social influences on women's behavior, self-concepts and psychological conflicts, and a study of research in sex differences. Prerequisite: PSYSC 100; Permission of the department chairperson.

SOC 235 Sociology of Women 3 credit hours.
Analysis of women's roles, especially in basic institutions of society. Emphasizes recent changes in social expectations for women.

SOC 424 Family 3 credit hours.
Focuses on the influences of society on contemporary families. Examines a variety of family arrangements and changes in relationships through the life cycle. Prerequisite: SOC 100 or 200 or 260.

SOC 434 Sociology of Human Sexuality 3 credit hours.
Analyzes gender and sexual issues. Topics include gender identity, sexual deviance, and sociological correlates of sexuality. Prerequisite: SOC 100 or 200.

SOCWK 330 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II - 3 credit hours.
Focuses on human growth and development from the prenatal period through later adulthood. Biophysical, psychological, and social aspects of human behavior are discussed. Emphasizes applying concepts and theories to the assessment phase of social work practice. Prerequisite: SOCWK 200, 220, 230; PSYSC 267; Permission of the department chairperson.