Required Courses and Requirements to Become a Minor

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Minor in Women's and Gender Studies, 18 hours

WMNST 210 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies  3
WMNST 499 Women's Studies Senior Capstone 3

12 hours from:

WMNST 220  International Women's Issues  3
WMNST 310 Special Topics in omen's and Gender studies  3
WMNST 314 Women’s Studies Symposium in Communication 3
WMNST 369 Paid Internship 1-6 
WMNST 410 Feminist Theory 3
WMNST 479 Unpaid Internship 1-6 
WMNST 498 Independent Study 1-3
AHS 301 Special Topics in History of Art 3
ANTH 341 Anthropology and Women 3
CC 302 Women in Antiquity 3
CJC 311 Race, Ethnic, and Gender Issues in Criminal Justice 3
ENG 328 Language and Gender 3
ENG 490 Women in Literature 3
FL 307 European Women Writers 3
HIST 215 Women in American History 3
HIST 452 Women in Modern European History 3
HSC 261 Health, Sexuality, and Family Life 3
HSC 472 Women and Health 3
POLS 241 Family Law 3
POLS 474 Women and Politics 3
PSYSC 277 Psychology of Sexual Behavior 3
PSYSC 324 Psychology of Women 3
SOC 235 Sociology of Women 3
SOC 424 Family 3
SOC 434 Sociology of Human Sexuality 3
SOCWK 330 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II 3

  • Students may earn no more than 6 hours from WMNST 369 or 479.
  •  Content for WMNST 310 special Topics in women's and Gender Studies will be announced prior to each course offering. Additional special topic courses will be announced in advance and may be applied toward the minor with the approval of the women’s and gender studies program director.
  • Students must have AHS 301 Special Topics approved by the women’s and gender studies program director since not all topics will apply toward the women’s and gender studies minor.
  • Other courses may be substituted with the approval of the women's and gender studies program director.
  • It is strongly suggested that students balance their programs with at least one elective from the humanities and one elective from the biological and social sciences.
  • Students should check individual departmental listings for prerequisite requirements for interdisciplinary electives.

For course descriptions and complete information on program requirements, please consult the Ball State University Undergraduate Catalog.  Check out our quick guide to course descriptions as well.

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