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Ball Bearings—an entirely student-run lifestyle magazine. Published in print, on the iPad and online.

Magazines are more than the print booklets that line the shelves at supermarkets and airports. Today, magazine brands include print, online, and mobile media—and in some cases, even television.

As magazines have changed, so has Ball State’s approach to teaching magazine journalism. But our commitment to quality education remains constant. Our faculty are nationally recognized for their innovative approach to magazine journalism education. And Ball State still stands as one of the few programs in the country—and the only one in Indiana—offering at least four magazine-specific courses.

Armed with a Ball State education, graduates have gone on to work as editors and writers at magazines in Chicago, New York City, Indianapolis, and other cities. Indiana is home to more than 50 magazines alone, and the Chicago area is a hub for hundreds of publications—so opportunities are never far away.

Join an evolving, exciting field: magazine journalism

Contrary to myth, magazine journalism isn't dying. It’s evolving.

  • From 2012 to 2013, the number of print magazines published in the U.S. grew by 200.
  • In September 2013, seven women’s magazines, including Vogue and Cosmopolitan, saw their advertising pages increase by 13 percent.
  • All of the top 15 paid lifestyle apps belong to magazine brands.

Magazine journalism is no longer confined to ink and paper. As a result, magazines have blossomed into multiplatform packages that are more dynamic—and more exciting—than ever.

The magazine industry is full of opportunities. Ball State will give you the skills to seize them. And you don’t have to wait. As early as your freshman year, you can work at our award-winning Ball Bearings–a print and online magazine that has won two awards for its online version and a total of 30 awards in the last two years from the Indiana Collegiate Press Association.

Become a compelling storyteller.

At Ball State, you’ll learn to be a compelling storyteller for a variety of magazine media. You’ll take courses in feature and magazine writing, long-form writing, digital storytelling, and advanced magazine writing. Courses from other journalism majors—video and audio production, web design, and more—will round out your education.

Work in our state-of-the-art Unified Media Lab.

As a member of our student media, you can collaborate with other students in our Unified Media Lab to produce real magazine work that will bolster your skills as well as your portfolio.

Learn from the best magazine journalism educators.

Our faculty have a reputation for being among the top magazine journalism educators in the country. David Sumner, coordinator of the magazine media track, has written or co-authored three books about magazines. Additionally, he wrote the textbook Feature and Magazine Writing, which has been adopted by more than 50 universities throughout the world. Recognized as the Magazine Educator of the Year in 2007, Sumner leads a program that boasts a wealth of top-notch professors and instructors.

Take the next step.

Your future as a magazine professional starts here. Find out for yourself. Come visit campus. Meet our professors and current students. Don’t wait. Schedule your visit today.