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Technology changes, but even the latest modes of communication reaffirm that words remain invaluable and that those who think critically and write with clarity, purpose, and skill are best equipped for success in our increasingly complex society. Language and literature offer rich perspectives on the mechanisms by which cultures imagine the world. You will study the ways that narratives and language itself construct a past and compel a future and will engage with the processes by which histories and stories are made and unmade with power, creativity, and conviction.  

Graduate English Degrees 
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Beginning with your courses in the Writing Program, the study of English builds skills that have never been more important. Professional and creative uses of the English language are essential for jobs in education, law, business, publishing, and government. The discipline rouses the intellect and challenges us to become better thinkers and writers. Our students develop advanced skills in writing, reading and interpretation. At Ball State, you learn ways of reading, writing, and thinking that inspire you to continue a life of the mind long after graduation. You will use the skills you develop to enter your chosen professions with confidence in your ability to work creatively, collaboratively, and effectively.

We read contemporary life and popular culture alongside novels and poems. It’s a stimulating and often surprising venture. Analysis and synthesis, reflection and discovery, obstacle and victory—literature, linguistics, rhetoric, creative writing, and English education afford these altering experiences.

We are part of the College of Sciences and Humanities, with five majors, four minors, seven master’s degrees, and three doctoral degrees.

As an English student at Ball State, your opportunities to publish and be involved are as varied as the language is itself, from traditional venues to digital media.


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