The Delaware originally lived in what is now New Jersey, the lower Hudson Valley, New York Harbor, and along the Delaware River. With the arrival of settlers from Europe, the Delaware were eventually pushed westward. Information on the Delaware tribe or Lenape, for which Delaware County, Indiana is named, can be found in a variety of resources in the Archives & Special collections. Archives local history files contain information on the Delaware that once inhabited Muncie, including the last of the Munsee tribe to inhabit the county, Jim Musco.

Delaware related books in Archives and Special Collections include:

  • Greene, Richard- The Indians of Delaware County
    Call Number: Archives F532.D3 G76 1954
    This book, by local Muncie writer Dick Greene, takes look at the Delaware in Delaware County, IN.


  • Walker, Edwin Robert-The Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians
    Call Number: Archives E99.D2 W34 1920Z
    An address given by Edwin Walker discussing the customs, religion, and history of the Delaware in New Jersey, before their forced movement west.


  • Adams, Richard C.- Legends of the Delaware Indians and picture writing
    Call Number: Archives E99.D2 A3 1905
    A collection of traditional Delaware legends, with illustrations. Also included are images of Delaware picture writing.