The Archives and Special Collections has a wide variety of general fiction and non-fiction books on Native America. Some of these books like Thrilling Adventures Among the Indians, take a sensationalistic look at actual events that transpired, often with a biased slant. Others such as Garland, took a more positive view. In the art of George Catlin, Drawings of the North American Indians, we get to view sketches of actual Native Americans that Catlin traveled among, ranging from Iroquois to Delaware.

  • Garland, Hamlin- The Book of the American Indian
    Call Number: Archives E77. G28 1923
    Although a work of fiction, this book shows the efforts of one man to show Native Americans in a more sympathetic light than was commonly done during the time period.


  • Kinsey, W. Fred- Lower Susquehanna Valley Prehistoric Indians
    Call Number: Archives E78.S9 K5
    This book takes a look at prehistoric Indians in central Pennsylvania. Included are photos of artifacts, locations, and maps.


  • Townsend, Earl C. - Birdstones of the North American Indian; a study of these most interesting stone forms, the area of their distribution, their cultural provenience, possible uses, and antiquity
    Call Number: Archives E98.A7 T65 1959
    This text contains information on the mysterious birdstones found throughout the United States. Townsend categorizes the birdstones by state. Photos of various birdstones found, along with the county they originated in are listed. For Indiana residents, the section on Indiana birdstones is of particular interest.


  • McPherson, Alan- Indian Names of Indiana
    Call Number: Archives E78.I53 M35 1993
    In this book, McPherson looks at the Native American meanings behind many of the place names in Indiana, including counties and towns.


  • MSS 11 - Indian Reserves Collection
    This collection contains information on Indian land claims in Delaware County based on the Treaty of St. Mary’s signed in 1818.