Joseph Fisher entered the war December 23, 1942, and was honorably discharged on December 2, 1945. During his service years, he was assigned to the 607th Tank Destroyer Battalion. This photograph is from a scrapbook Joseph’s mother kept throughout the war.

J. Fisher

As with most towns in the 1940s, Muncie, Indiana saw its fair share of young men leave their homes and families to become soldiers during World War II. Many of them fought overseas, and saw sights both wondrous and horrific. Some of them returned, and, as found in towns worldwide, all too many did not. Those who did return had stories to tell and memorabilia to pass on to future generations. Through their pictures, letters, and memorials to those lost, we can grasp some idea of what these young men faced during their time in service, and the debt that we as a nation owe to them.