Subgroup 14.01 College of Sciences and Humanities 

Subgroup 14.02 Department of Anthropology

Subgroup 14.03 Department of Biology

Subgroup 14.04 Department of Chemistry

Subgroup 14.05 Department of Computer Science

Subgroup 14.06 Department of Journalism

Subgroup 14.07 Department of English

Subgroup 14.08 Department of Geography and Geology  

Subgroup 14.09 Department of Natural Resources

Subgroup 14.10 Department of History

Subgroup 14.11 Department of Mathematical Sciences

Subgroup 14.12 Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Subgroup 14.14 Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Subgroup 14.15 Department of Physics and Astronomy 

Subgroup 14.16 Department of Physiology and Health Science

Subgroup 14.17 Department of Psychological Sciences 

Subgroup 14.19 Department of Sociology

Subgroup 14.20 Department of Speech and Theatre

Subgroup 14.22 Women's Studies Program

Subgroup 14.23 Department of Political Science

Subgroup 14.24 Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology 

Subgroup 14.25 Institute of International Studies

Subgroup 14.27 Department of Telecommunications

Subgroup 14.30 Department of Foreign Languages