The Harry Fox Agency is the sole source for specific types of licensing: mechanical, digital, and limited quantity licensing. Please contact the Harry Fox Agency to obtain these musical rights.

  • Mechanical Licensing. You will need mechanical licensing to use copyrighted musical compositions for use on "CDs, records, tapes, and certain digital configurations." Royalty rates are determined by Section 115 of the Copyright Act:
  • Digital Licensing. You will need digital licensing to use copyrighted music "in digital configurations, including but not limited to, full downloads, limited-use downloads, on-demand streaming and CD burning." Royalty rates are determined by the Harry Fox Agency.
  • Limited Quantity Licensing. You will need a limited quantity "to make and distribute within the U.S. 2500 or less recordingsā€¦" You will need to obtain a limited mechanical license available at At this website, you can complete their online form to make a license application.

Synchronization and Other Music Rights
A synchronization right is a license to use music in videos, advertising and television programs. Usually called, "synch rights," this license permits the user to "synch" music with video. Please contact ASCAP, BMI, and/or SESAC for synch rights.

In addition, performance rights, print rights, and master use rights can also be obtained from these music publishers.