“I’m so glad I found out about this place!” and “This is so cool!” are two phrases we hear a lot from students after their introduction to the archive and our collections. Faculty can help facilitate their students’ discovery of using primary source documents in their research by scheduling an instructional session or tour led by the archivist.

Sessions will be developed to meet the specific needs of students in your class and will help them:

• Learn how to conduct research using primary sources

• Locate materials on specific sites or structures

• Use specialized research collections

The archivist can suggest research materials and strategies appropriate to your class and syllabus, and provide course-related handouts for use in the classroom and on Blackboard.

The Drawings and Documents Archive also offers tours of its facilities to visitors and groups on the Ball State University campus and to the community. To arrange an instructional session or group tour please contact the Archivist by e-mail, or by phone at 765-285-8441.

 Student looking at drawings