The Friends of Bracken Library Dinner Photos
April 1, 2015
Ball State Alumni Center

Harsh, Morris and Hampton Samantha Harsh, Ronald Morris,
and Ashton Hampton

Staw and O'Neill John Straw and Cheri O'Neill

Barb and Hinshaw Linda Barb and David Hinshaw

Faust Sandy and Brad Faust

Geelhoed Bruce and Debby Geelhoes

Morris Martha and Peyton Morris

Gentry, Pieczko and Szajewski Melissa Gentry, Brandon Pieczko,
and Michael Szajewski

Hamptons Paula Volz, Ashton Hampton, Terry Volz,
and Marcia Fasbinder

Carter Bill and Mary Carter

Hoover and Bell Sandra Hoover and Stephen Bell

Bracken, Contos and Etcheson Thomas Bracken, Sherri Contos,
and Nicole Etcheson

Wicker, Day and Morgan Taylor Wicker, Cathy Day, and Bill Morgan

Straw and Day John Straw and Cathy Day

Hoover John Straw and Sandra Hoover

Straw and Carter John Straw and Mary Carter

Speakers Samantha Harsh, Ronald Morris,
and Ashton Hampton