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Provost Immersive Learning Grant: Project Guidelines and Proposal Format

The provost is calling for proposals for new and previously funded projects seeking additional resources. Appropriate chairs and deans must sign your proposal, which should be sent as an electronic file (PDF preferred) to Jennifer Blackmer. Please ensure the proposal is submitted in the required format for new and previously funded projects with the required cover memo, as incomplete applications will not be considered.

Be aware of the following due dates.

  • Proposals for projects to begin spring 2015 through fall 2015 are due 5 p.m., September 23, 2014.
  • Proposals for projects to begin summer 2015 through spring 2016 will be due 5 p.m. February 2, 2015.

Immersive Learning Project Proposal Guidelines

  • Preference will be given to projects that meet all or most of the characteristics of immersive learning.
  • “Immersive coordinators” and new faculty lines are not funded. Faculty seeking overloads must have approval of their department chairs. Buyouts must be commensurate with university policy.
  • Preference will be given to projects that can become self-sustaining. If the applicant is requesting equipment, please address why new equipment is needed and how it will be maintained. Equipment purchased specifically for immersive learning projects will be turned back to the provost’s office if the project is not sustained.
  • Interdisciplinary proposals involving multiple departments and colleges are encouraged. Proposals should address how students will be recruited and how credit will be assigned.
  • Preference will be given to projects that work with one or more community partners. Letters of support from said partners must be attached to the proposal. Projects involving international travel should include a signature of support from Imara Dawson, executive director of the Rinker Center for International Programs.
  • Projects should involve primarily undergraduate students. Funds for graduate student support may be available, but the learning outcomes and project activities are to be for undergraduate students.
  • Proposals must be signed by appropriate chairs and deans. Electronic copies (PDF files preferred) are due to Jennifer Blackmer by the appropriate due date (see above). Proposals must include the attached cover memo. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Proposals must be accompanied by a brief statement of support from the department chair(s) or center director(s) that addresses if and how the proposed project a) contributes to the department’s curriculum, b) if the department can meet its curriculum obligations if the faculty member(s) is funded for the project, and c) if the proposed project will be perceived as an appropriate scholarly or creative endeavor for the faculty member(s).
  • Proposals will be evaluated by the Immersive Learning Advisory Committee with recommendation to the provost. Committee members are available for consultation. Contact Joe Trimmer for information.
  • The proposal is limited to six pages, not including the cover memo, letters of community support, or letter of chair support. Please be succinct and direct.
  • Faculty receiving funds are expected to provide a mid-grant and final report to the provost. A public presentation of the project upon its completion is encouraged.
  • Faculty will be asked to provide assessment data at the conclusion of the project.