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Provost Immersive Learning Grant: New Project Format

Please ensure the proposal meets the required guidelines and is submitted by the appropriate due date in the format below with the correct cover memo (PDF), as incomplete applications will not be considered.

Required for new immersive learning proposals:

  1. Title of project
  2. Person(s) responsible for implementation
  3. Brief description of project and product
  4. Narrative: explain how the project meets the seven characteristics of immersive learning.
  5. Student information
    • projected number of students who will participate
    • statement of how students will be recruited
    • statement of how much credit will be awarded and how it will be awarded
    • disciplinary fields and skill sets of those students who will be recruited to complete the project
  6. Budget, including as needed:
    • personnel
    • travel
    • supplies
    • equipment
    • administrative costs
  7. Assessment plan: how will student learning outcomes be assessed? This may also be part of the narrative.
  8. Sustainability plan: how does the department plan to continue this project?
  9. Plan for dissemination of pedagogy, research, process, assessment, etc.
  10. Letter(s) from community partners

Additional considerations that may need to be addressed:

  • Will the project need Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval? Where is the faculty member in the process?
  • Has or will the faculty member apply for special leave or other assignment that might delay this project, if funded?
  • Has the faculty member(s) reviewed the university’s Intellectual Property Policy (PDF)?
  • If a new course is being proposed, where is it in the approval process?
  • How does your proposed immersive learning project advance your research agenda?
  • Does the project require technical skill that the faculty member does not possess?