Immersive Learning

Provost Immersive Learning Grant: Previously Funded Project Format

Please ensure the proposal meets the required guidelines by the appropriate due date and is submitted in the format below with the correct cover memo (PDF), as incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. Title of project
  2. Person(s) responsible for implementation
  3. Date(s) of previous funding
  4. Brief description of previous project, including discussion of successes or obstacles
  5. Narrative of continuing project, including:
    • disciplinary fields of students sought
    • assessment plan
    • plan for dissemination of project results
    • how this project is improved or why it deserves to be repeated
  6. Proposed itemized budget. Note: Faculty will not receive funding for project planning. Wherever possible, the project should be included as part of the faculty member's academic load.
  7. Sustainability plan
  8. Letter(s) from community partners