How do you gain meaningful work experience while you’re still in college? If you’re like more than half of Ball State graduates, you take part in an internship.

Internships give you the opportunity to enrich your education by applying the knowledge you’ve learned in the classroom in a real-life work situation. You can develop job-related skills and get connected to a network of professionals in your field of interest. These connections can be helpful after graduation as you are looking to start your career.

Internships can be full-time or part-time and paid or unpaid. Summer is a popular time for students to complete internships, but internships are often available during the academic year as well. Usually, you’ll take part in an internship after finishing your junior year.

Many majors at Ball State—including journalism, construction management, and resident property management—have an internship as a graduation requirement. Other departments strongly encourage students to pursue internships to gain career-related work experience.

Your academic department and the Career Center can help you find internships. The Career Center can also give you tips on creating a resume and information on how to apply for an internship.