The purpose of pre-student teaching field experiences is to give students pursuing teacher education a systematic, planned sequence of experiences in appropriate educational settings. These experiences are designed to familiarize students with principles of classroom management and the teaching-learning process in practical and real school environments and to help them learn how to teach. 

The pre-student teaching field experiences culminate in EDEL 301, 350/351; EDJH 385; EDSE 380; SPCE 361, or departmental equivalents which require assignment to classrooms in appropriate educational settings for the semester to observe, prepare instructional presentations, and undertake other instructional tasks appropriate for students before student teaching.

The university provides laboratory settings for pre-student teaching educational field experiences in the on-campus Burris Laboratory School as well as in affiliated public school systems in Muncie and others within commuting distance. Seminars with a college supervisor are an integral part of the field experiences for these courses.


Student teaching in Indiana gives students an opportunity to develop teaching competence under the supervision of professionally licensed teachers cooperating with the university in the student teaching program.

Performance in student teaching is assessed using a performance assessment instrument completed by the cooperating teacher in collaboration with the University supervisor. The final grade in student teaching is recorded as credit/no credit. 

Application for Student Teaching 

Students should apply for student teaching during the academic year before they plan to student teach. Contact the Office of Teacher Education Services for additional information.

Official notification of the student teaching assignment will be mailed to each student's home address (address provided on student teaching application). In addition, students can view their placement status in rGrade at any time. Final eligibility is determined after final grades are posted just prior to student teaching. 

General Considerations 

Students must be free of outside commitments that might interfere with full-time student teaching obligations. Students should not be regularly employed, nor should they carry heavy loads of extracurricular activities. Enrollment for course overload during the semester is permitted only with approval of the Director of the Office of Teacher Education Services. 

Student teaching requirements also include a set number of days in seminars conducted by the university supervisor at the beginning and end of the semester. 

Students should be prepared to accept student teaching assignments wherever the university can place them for the professional experience. Final determination of the student's assignment will rest with the Office of Teacher Education Services. The placement process requires close cooperation with the Professional Development Schools, Partner Schools, and public school systems within our Clinical Practice Network

All candidates pursuing licensure as teachers are required to spend 16 weeks in full-time student teaching. They must register for 12 credits in student teaching.

The only exception is a candidate who is double majoring in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. All candidates pursuing licenses as double majors are required to spend 24 weeks in student teaching across two semesters. They must register for 12 credits in one semester (fall or spring) and then 6 credits in another semester (fall, spring, or summer).