The pre-engineering program is typically a five-year program in which students attend Ball State for three years and then transfer to an engineering school to complete degree requirements for the engineering degree. After completing the engineering program, you are eligible to receive a bachelor’s degree from Ball state in addition to the degree from the engineering school.

Admission to Ball State as a pre-engineering major does not guarantee admission to an accredited school of engineering. You will need to meet the degree requirements of the school to which you transfer.

If you are interested in studying preengineering, you should take college preparatory courses in science and math during high school. At Ball State, you will take beginning and upper-level courses in physics, chemistry, and calculus, in addition to the core curriculum classes required of all students.

Three options are available in the preengineering major:

  • Chemical
  • Metallurgical
  • General (aeronautical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, and nuclear engineering specializations)

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