The social work major will prepare you to work as a licensed social worker.

Social workers assist clients with social problems, such as inadequate housing, unemployment, child abuse, domestic violence, lack of job skills, financial distress, serious illness or disability, and unwanted pregnancy. They consult and counsel clients and arrange for services such as debt counseling, child care or elder care, public assistance, or alcohol or drug rehabilitation that can help them. Social workers then follow through with their clients to assure that services are helpful and that clients make proper use of the services offered.

In the social work program, you’ll master the professional knowledge, skills, and values necessary for the field. You’ll also complete a full-time internship at an approved social service setting where you will refine your social work skills and gain on-the-job experience in providing direct services, networking, and developing resources.

Social work majors often participate in Student Voluntary Services, a Ball State organization that provides volunteers to a variety of community agencies. These volunteer opportunities allow you to gain valuable human service experience.


Graduates of the social work program work in social service agencies, mental health services, domestic violence programs, rehabilitation facilities, child and youth service programs, homeless programs, chemical addiction, and health care programs.

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