Immersive Learning

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Campus Life

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You know that feeling when everything just feels right—the academics, the campus, the people. For Ball State students, that feeling goes something like this...

Academic Programs

Ball State has what you’re looking for—more than 180 bachelor's, associate, and preprofessional degree programs plus 122 master’sdoctoral, and specialist programs in seven academic colleges. Best of all, you get the academic opportunities of a large university with manageable class sizes that make the experience more interactive and professors who actually teach your classes instead of handing them off to their assistants.

Hands-On Experience

Ball State students don’t hide in the back of the classroom. They dig in and get their hands dirty working side by side with other students, faculty, and community partners through a process we call immersive learning. Whether it’s teleconferencing with a real business or writing and performing your own musical, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to apply what you learn to real projects. Our faculty will encourage you to take intellectual and creative risks. And if questioning and exploring is really your thing, check out our Honors College, where you can really flex your academic muscle in special seminar-style classes.

Campus and Community

No matter what you want to do, Ball State has the resources you need—television studios, computer labs, artist studios, an on-campus arboretum and greenhouse, a state-of-the-art music hall, a Digital Simulation Laboratory—to do it. And our vibrant campus is navigable and convenient. There’s no need to rely on the city bus to get you to class on time or send postcards to friends who live across campus. Our campus and community are big enough that you can lose yourself in all of the opportunities and activities, but small enough so you won’t get lost on your way to class.

If you’re not quite sure if Ball State feels right, contact us for more information. Or better yet, come for a visit.