1+2+1 Program

Visiting Scholars

Beginning in Fall 2010, CCIEE/AASCU and Ball State’s 1+2+1 program expanded to include visiting scholars from our 1+2+1 partner universities in China. The goal of this exchange is to strengthen the 1+2+1 program. In addition to doing their own research at Ball State, visiting scholars will act as a bridge between Ball State and their Chinese university. The scholars will help Ball State faculty understand the coursework and preparation that 1+2+1 students have in China, and when they return to China they will take back in-depth knowledge of Ball State’s curriculum and teaching methods that can help prepare future students for their time at Ball State. Finally, the program is also designed to give the exchange scholars an opportunity to meet and interact with the 1+2+1 students on Ball State’s campus, which has proven beneficial to both students and scholars. The scholars typically stay at Ball State for one semester.

The candidates of 1+2+1 visiting scholars apply to Ball State through CCIEE, which administers the exchange. Scholars must come from one of the academic or administrative departments in their Chinese university involved in sending 1+2+1 students to Ball State.

1+2+1 Visiting Scholars at Ball State University 2010-2011

Haihong HUO; Associate Professor from Xi’an University of Science & Technology, hosted by BSU Department of English.

Yafang YIN; Professor and Associate Dean from Xi’an University of Posts & Telecommunications, hosted by BSU Department of Telecommunications.

Ying ZENG; Assistant Professor from Shandong University at Weihai, hosted by BSU Department of Journalism.