Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the friendship family program?
A: The Rinker Center matches international students with local families and singles. The goal is for you to learn about and experience more American culture outside of Ball State. We also hope that you will share your culture with your friendship family.

Q: What do you do?
A: Activities with friendship families depend on the interests of the family and student. Activities previous friendship families have done together include trips to the grocery store, watching a movie, going out for coffee, attending plays and concerts here at Ball State, visiting an apple orchard, pumpkin carving for Halloween, dying Easter eggs, celebrating holidays, etc.

Q: Can I recommend activities to do with my family?
A: Yes! Please invite your friendship family to do activities that interest you! Ball State offers a number of activities including movies, concerts and plays here on campus. You can invite your family to accompany you to these events or ask them about an activity that really interests you. Also, families are interested in learning more information about your country and culture, one way to introduce them to it is to make them food native to your country.

Q: Do I live with my friendship family?
A: No, you do not live with your friendship family. Also, the friendship family does not provide any financial assistance.

Q: Do I need to do something with my family every week?
A: No, but we do ask that you do something with your family at least once a month. This is an exciting opportunity for you and the family, and it does require a small time commitment.

Q: How do I sign up for the friendship family program?
A: Please fill out a friendship family questionnaire at the Rinker Center for International Programs (Student Center, room 102). After we receive the form, your name will go on a list, and we will match you with a family as soon as one is available!