Ball State students come from all over Indiana, the United States, and the world. They bring talent, excitement, and a variety of perspectives that contribute to our recent designation as “a university committed to diversity.” And our professors, who are some of the top scholars in the Midwest, are down-to-earth and love to teach.

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When it comes to education, Ball State means business... and physics, and theatre, and 190 other majors and preprofessional programs. But no matter which program you choose, you’ll be immersed. Our creative, innovative, hands-on learning style means that no two experiences are the same. It’s all about making your education your own. Our theory? Learn what you love and you’ll love to learn.


The Ball State campus is full of traditions. Some are just for fun—such as strolling through the Quad or meeting up with a friend to watch Air Jam during Homecoming. But traditions in excellence can be found all across the campus. From having the nation’s top wireless campus to our award-winning residence hall programs, our campus is your all inclusive educational haven.


When it comes time for graduation, Ball State students are ready for the next step. Whether it’s on to graduate school or into the professional world, our graduates leave Ball State with confidence and a passion for learning. Through a recent survey, we found that 93 percent of our May 2015 bachelor degree graduates were placed at a job, graduate school, or military service within six months of graduation.