1. Review Ball State's admission requirements for homeschooled students.
  2. Complete and submit the university application for undergraduate admission and housing.
  3. Have transcripts of your college preparatory course work (showing course titles and letter grades) sent directly from your homeschool to the Office of Admissions.
    • We request homeschools to also submit materials showing the curriculum and the content of each course.
    • Although not required for admission to Ball State, homeschooled students are strongly encouraged to take the GED (General Educational Diploma) exam. GED scores can be sent to Ball State as additional documentation in support of your application for admission. 
  4. Have your SAT or ACT scores sent to the Office of Admissions. ACT test takers are encouraged to take the writing portion of the ACT to be considered for English placement and advanced credit.
  5. Complete and submit an applicant statement. While an applicant statement is not required, homeschooled students are encouraged to submit applicant statements. Possible topics to address are:
  6. Any unique educational opportunities you’ve had.
  7. Any significant life experiences that have affected your academic preparation.
  8. Special awards or recognitions you have received.
  9. Submit a $50 application fee (nonrefundable). For online applications, you will need a major credit card or an electronic check (ACH) payment. For mail, make checks payable to Ball State University.