Advanced standing options at Ball State provide students with alternative ways to earn credit. Advanced standing includes options for high school students who want to earn college credit as well as adult students who have earned credits by other means such as military service. Credit for specific courses may be earned through the options linked on this page.

Please note:

  • Credit earned by departmental authorization is not considered residence credit.
  • Credit earned through these options will be limited to 63 semester hours.
  • Credit acquired through any of the options may not duplicate credit earned in any other way, including transfer credit. Such credit will be counted toward a degree subject to all rules that would apply if the course had been taken by regular class attendance.
  • Credit (not taken at Ball State) through these options will be recorded on the student's permanent record, but no grade will be given or used in calculating the cumulative scholastic ratio.
  • If a student takes a course(s) through Ball State, at any time, the credit will be recorded to the student’s record and a grade will be given and used in calculating the cumulative scholastic ratio.
  • Available courses, minimum scores, credits granted, and fees charged are subject to change.

Contact the appropriate department for information about additional courses that may be taken for credit.