Just like we give you many options for what to eat, we also offer a number of options for how often you eat.

Our residential meal plans allow you to choose the number of meals per week that meets your needs, and you also receive a debit-style Dining Plus account to supplement those meals. Dining Plus funds can be used without restriction on amount or time of day to provide added flexibility.

You can choose a plan that offers three meals every day, or you can select a plan that provides only 10, 14, or 18 meals a week with varying amounts of Dining Plus dollars. Plans are graduated in price, based on the number of meals each provides.

For even greater flexibility, you may purchase Dining Cash

All students who live in a residence hall on campus receive a meal plan as part of their room and board fees. Commuters and other students who don’t live on campus can purchase one of our off-campus dining plans.

Learn more about choosing and changing a meal plan.