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11 a.m.
Rebecca VanMeterSince the inception of social media, its prevalence and pervasiveness has become widely popular and has resulted in a growing phenomenon among societies globally infiltrating communities and cultures alike. The proportion of online adults who use Pinterest and Instagram has doubled since 2012 and 72% of online adults are Facebook users (Duggan, 2015). In light of this, marketing researchers, practitioners, and educators have taken a keen interest in the possible impact and power social media holds in the world of business. Social media courses are being introduced into many university curriculums, and as educators, it is imperative that we have an appreciation for the potentially harmful effects these activities may have for some individuals. Therefore, we begin by investigating the difference between attachment to social media and social media addiction. Social media in this paper is defined as an interactive platform that allows social actors to create and share in multi-way, immediate, and contingent communications (VanMeter et al. 2015).
5 p.m.
The Miller College of Business cordially invites you to our Thirteenth Annual Alumni Awards. Join us as we celebrate and honor our Miller College of Business 2016 Hall of Fame inductee and Alumni Award recipients.