Department of English

Upcoming Events
4 p.m.
The Digital Literature Review presents "Vampire Suicide," a talk by Jeffrey Weinstock, a professor at Central Michigan University and enthusiastic monster scholar. His research spans topics of Tim Burton, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Edgar Allan Poe, and many more terrifying topics.
2 p.m.
Listen and join in as graduate students discuss their experiences with extended projects, the issues they've encountered and successfully handled, and suggestions they have for other grad students.
5 p.m.
Stars to Steer ByUpcoming Stars to Steer By 2017 event
4:30 p.m.
Digital Literature Review GalaNow launching its fourth edition, The Digital Literature Review wants you to join our monster mash at the annual DLR Gala. Hear the stories behind the monsters. Come, eat, and learn more about the history of your favorite ghouls.
8 p.m.
To celebrate the release of their books, English Department faculty members Emily Jo Scalzo and Rebecca Manery will read from their work.