Upcoming Events
1:45 p.m.
ConvocationThe convocation formally welcomes freshmen to the beginning of their academic career and introduces them to Ball State's community involvement and its student-centered commitment. In assembling with faculty, staff, and administrators, the freshmen connect to each other and to the university.
3 p.m.
Did bad luck, weakness, or incompetence of the presidents before Lincoln make the Civil War inevitable? Richard Harris, will provide an introduction to those seven presidents that history has largely forgotten or not treated kindly. He will also explore the possibility that the civil war might have been prevented if one or two of the seven had been outstanding leaders. Let's get to know them!
7 p.m.
Head shot photograph of Dr Angela DavisDr. Angela Davis will speak at Ball State University to mark the relaunch of the African American Studies program at Ball State, and as the keynote speaker of the 2017 Diversity Symposium. Her topic is "Institutional Racism in the Penal & Criminal Justice System". Through her activism and scholarship over many decades, Angela Davis has been deeply involved in movements for social justice around the world. Her work as an educator – both at the university level and in the larger public sphere – has always emphasized the importance of building communities of struggle for economic, racial, and gender justice. This event is free and open to the public.
8:30 p.m.
Artist and activist Mahogany Browne presents her unique brand of performance poetry, which "bridges the gap between lyrical poets and literary emcee." Browne is a co-organizer of Black Poets Speak Out, and her books include Dear Twitter and Redbone (nominated for an NAACP Outstanding Literary Works award).