Festival of New Music/Society of Composers Inc. National Conference

Calendar: School of Music
All Day Event
Start: March 20, 2014
Location: Music Instruction Building

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Michael Pounds
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This year, the Festival of New Music will be combined with the 2014 National Conference of the Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI). SCI is an independent organization concerned with the fellowship, collaboration, career goals, and objectives of new and contemporary music composers and those interested in topics related to composition. Each year the national conference brings together member composers, along with many performers, from across the country for a series of concerts and paper presentations. The concerts and paper presentations are free and open to the public.

Thursday, March 20
10 a.m.         Concert I            Sursa Hall
1:30 p.m.      Concert II           Choral Hall
8 p.m.           Concert III          Sursa Hall

Friday, March 21
10 a.m.        Concert IV            Sursa Hall
11:15 a.m.    Paper session I     Room 229, Music Instruction Building
2 p.m.          Concert V             Sursa Hall
3:30 p.m.      Paper session II    Room 229, Music Instruction Building
5 p.m.          Concert VI            Choral Hall
8 p.m.          Concert VII           Sursa Hall

Saturday, March 22
10 a.m.       Concert VIII           Sursa Hall
11:15 a.m.   Paper session III    Room 229, Music Instruction Building
1 p.m.         Concert IX             Sursa Hall
3 p.m.         Concert X              Choral Hall
8 p.m.         Concert XI             Sursa Hall

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