TAO: Phoenix Rising

Start: March 18, 2014 7:30 p.m.
End: March 18, 2014
Location: Emens Auditorium

In this new production for North America in the Spring of 2014, athletic bodies and contemporary costumes meet explosive Taiko drumming and innovative choreography in a show that has critics waxing lyrical about TAO's extraordinary precision, energy, and stamina. With hundreds of sold-out shows and more than a million spectators, TAO has proven that modern entertainment based on the traditional art of Japanese drumming, has massive international appeal.

The stars of TAO live and train at a compound in the mountains of Japan, reaching the highest level of virtuosity only after years of intensive study. The performers each bring nontraditional flair to the group by drawing on their diverse backgrounds: one as a hard rock musician, another a gymnast, and yet another as a composer. They offer a young and vibrantly modern take on a traditional art form.

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$24 (adv.)/ $29 (door)




$20 (adv.)/ $29 (door)

Pick 4+ 

$20 (adv.)/ $29 (door)

BSU Students 

$5 (adv.)/ $10 (door) 

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