Dear Charlie:

So last school year I went to the conseling center for depression, sucidal thoughts, and confusing thoughts about my sexual orientation and it was really benefical to visit the counseling center. But lately I have begun feeling depressed again. There have been alot of things in my life that I think contribute to this but the two main things are the fact that I got fired from my job which I have been really devoted to and the fact that I have been told that I have to choose side's with my sexual orientation (fyi: i'm bisexual). Between these two things and several other minor issues, I have been feeling really depressed lately. I went to the counseling center last year and the year before and I feel like I would be judged by the counselers and the staff there beacuse I have been there multiple times before and they might think i am just there for attention or whatever. There was a point in time between when I was in the counseling center last and when I began to get back into depression that I was a really happy person and I wish that I could have that back.

Signed:: depressed

Dear Depressed,

Charlie is happy to hear that your experience with my friends at the Counseling Center has been positive and helpful but also hears you are struggling again and are afraid that you may be judged if you return. Charlie is sorry that you are feeling depressed and have been fired from your job. My friends at the Counseling Center do not judge anyone seeking help and I recommend that you return to get the help you need.

A counselor can help you determine if the BSU Counseling Center is the best place to get the help you need, and if not, will work with you to help you find services that match your needs. Part of the purpose of the initial intake assessment is to determine how best to help a student, as some are best served elsewhere or in a modality other than individual therapy. A student who needs longer term therapy may be referred to an outside source, such as a private practitioner in the community, a community mental health center, or an intensive outpatient treatment facility. Sometimes the recommended or preferred mode of treatment is group therapy. At the Counseling center there is no session limits for group therapy and there are several groups available for students, such as an Understanding Self & Others group, a group for survivors of sexual trauma and for students with eating disorders, GLBTQ and mindfulness groups, and groups for international and nontraditional students.

Charlie beliefs you deserve to be happy and encourages you to return to the Counseling Center to determine what modality of treatment would best meet your needs. You can call 285-1736 to set up an intake or consult with someone about your options.
To happiness,


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