Dear Charlie:

I pee during sex. I'm a female and I hear that this isn't totally unheard of, but in most cases only women who have had children have this problem. Is there a way I can stop this? Should I go get put on medication for a weak bladder? This is keeping me from having sex due to fear of peeing on my boyfriend. Is there maybe a way I can at least make sex less awkward when it comes to this? Please Help!!!

Signed: Sexual incontinence

Dear SI,

Charlie hears your concern. You say that you urinate during sex and this is quite awkward—potentially for you as well as your partner. You are asking if there is something that can help. Because this is a medical question, Charlie consulted with one of my friends at the Health Center, Dr. Deidre Dorman. This is what Dr. Dorman had to say:

In general I tend to recommend that women urinate before and after intercourse to help decrease the chance of urinary tract infections and I think that in this particular instance it would be good to empty the bladder prior to intercourse as well. The likely first recommended treatment for this issue would be to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. This can be achieved by performing Kegel exercises. There is a good how-to guide on the mayo clinic website at www.mayoclinic.comhealth/kegel/exercises. If this doesn’t help, the next step would be to come in to discuss this further with a medical provider.

If you would decide you would like to discuss this with a medical practitioner, you can contact either the Ball State Health Center (285-8431) or Women’s Center (285-8035) to make an appointment.

Hoping this helps.