Services for Students

Many kinds of issues and concerns can best and most comfortably be dealt with by working with a counselor on an individual basis. If individual counseling seems best for your needs, you will ordinarily continue meeting with your intake counselor.

Occasionally, you may be referred to another counselor whose expertise can better meet your needs. The maximum number of individual sessions that a client may have in any Academic year (Fall Semester - Summer Semester) is twelve, although most problems can be resolved in fewer sessions, with the average number being four. The number and frequency of sessions will be determined by your counselor.

Sometimes a student and their counselor decide that group counseling is the best way to address their issues. This is often the case when students have questions about how they get along with others or if they are feeling lonely and isolated. At other times, students may experience unique difficulties that are best addressed with others who share those same concerns. Students who have been in group therapy often report that they enjoyed getting to know group members over time and that they found giving and receiving feedback from others helpful. Often students tell us that it was very reassuring to realize that other students had the same types of concerns and to learn about how they coped with them.

A consulting psychiatrist is available to serve students in conjunction with counseling services. Psychiatric services are available by referral only.  All of our services are free and confidential.
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