What is depression?
What does depression feel like?
How do I know if I am depressed?

The answers to these questions and more may be found by linking to the helpful resources below. Of the many web pages that we reviewed, the following pages are the most informative and applicable to college students. You will find general information on depression including the different types of depression, symptoms of those types, and treatment suggestions for depression.

You can also take on-line self-assessments in order to determine if you may also suffer from symptoms of depression. Information about on-campus services for students who may be experiencing depressive symptoms is also available.

Supporting a Friend or Family Member
Suffering from Depression

Depression Information for Families:

Other Mood Disorders

In addition to symptoms of depression, some individuals experience significant mood swings, called mania or hypomania (less severe symptoms of mania).  These episodes involve having extra energy, less need for sleep, or feelings of euphoria or irritability. One’s thoughts may race, and one’s speech may jump from topic to topic.  Some individuals make big plans of all the things they are going to accomplish and feel as if nothing could stop them.  While at first these feelings may seem positive and energizing, they can also lead to a range of difficulties, including conflict with family and friends. Many individuals suffering from manic or hypomanic episodes make unwise financial decisions and create difficulties by acting in impulsive, thrill-seeking ways.  After experiencing an “up” phase, they may later experience a depressive episode. This disorder is called Bipolar Disorder.

If you would like more information on Bipolar Disorder, the following web pages have extensive information on symptoms, course, causes, and treatment.

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