Stress is a universal experience--something that everyone, including college students, deals with at some point in their lives.  The sources of stress for college students are many--studying, being away from home, financial worries, and making new friends to name a few. Some stress can be helpful if it is a motivator to meet life's challenges, however, too much stress can cause trouble, including health and/or emotional problems. Stress can take a real toll on you! When stress becomes excessive, and you have little opportunity to let down and relax, stress can become harmful and lead to anxiety or depressive problems. 

We have extensively explored web pages about stress and other mental health issues, and have selected the sites that are the most informative and applicable to college students.  The following websites can help you find out what stress is and, if you have too much, how to cope with it.  

If you are concerned about your stress contact the Counseling Center at 765-285-1736 for information or an appointment.

Stress Assessment

How do I cope with stress?

How to stay stressed

Where can I go to get help?
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