International Conversation Hour Newsletter

The International Conversation Hour Newsletter (ICHN) is composed by members of the International Conversation Hour for BSU international students and domestic students as well.  We are hopeful that readers will benefit from the ICHN.  Via this newsletter, we hope to reach out to all campus students in an effort to foster an environment of support and learning from the experiences of our international peers at BSU.

Each month, the team will consider different topics related to international students and his/her adjustment to the United States and Ball State University.  These topics will include campus resources, learning strategies, adjustment skills, dating and relationships, academic culture, food, travel, ways to have fun, etc.  We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading each issue as they are published.

We plan to send a link to the ICHN via the BSU Communications Center each time we publish a new issue.  You can also access this page directly in order to enjoy the current and previous issues of the ICHN.  Additionally, we welcome your opinion and input regarding any creative ideas or suggested topics that you would like us to consider for future publications. 

If you are interested in joining our team as a guest editor, please contact us at

Volume 1, Issue 1:  March 2011 (PDF)

Volume 1, Issue 2:  November 2011 (PDF)

Volume 1, Issue 3:  March 2012 (PDF)

Volume 1, Issue 4:  April 2012 (PDF)

Volume 1, Issue 5:  May 2012 (PDF)

Volume 2, Issue 1:  January 2013 (PDF)

Volume 2, Issue 2:  February 2013 (PDF)

Volume 2, Issue 3:  March 2013 (PDF)

Volume 2, Issue 4:  April 2013 (PDF)

Volume 2, Issue 5:  May 2013 (PDF)

Volume 2, Issue 6:  June 2013 (PDF)

Volume 3, Issue 1:  March 2014 (PDF)

Volume 4, Issue 2:  September 2014 (PDF)


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