PURPOSE: This policy has arisen from an aggregate of situations over many years that have created ethical concerns about potential issues emerging from dual role relationships. At the Center, trainees have contact with numerous staff members and it may be impossible to prevent difficulties that can arise from dual roles. However, this policy is intended to minimize potential negative impact on the students served at the Center.

POLICY: No trainee at any level may receive counseling at the Counseling Center while in training at the Center. Further, no therapist who has worked with a student who is applying for training in the Center will provide any information to staff involved in selection. Therapists will not function in the role of clinical supervisor or other supervisor should their former client become a trainee in the Center. The following procedures are in place for maintaining this policy


  1. Students in the Counseling or Clinical Psychology Master’s Programs must end counseling of any kind on the Friday before Spring break during the semester in which application for MA internship is made. 
  2. If a student remains in therapy past the Friday before Spring break of the application year and then decides to apply, their application will not be considered that year. 
  3. Students in the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program must end counseling of any kind on the Friday before Spring break during the semester in which application for Doctoral Practicum is made. 
  4. Doctoral students in Counseling Psychology cannot receive therapy at the Counseling Center during the application year (beginning August 1) if they are applying for a Pre-doctoral internship at the Counseling Center. 
  5. Following Match day, any doctoral student not matched at the Center as a Pre-doctoral intern may receive therapy. 
  6. Therapists working with potential trainees as clients—students who indicate they may be applying for training at the Center—will talk with their client about the issues that may arise for them from the dual role relationship. 
  7. Clients who may be applying for training are encouraged to talk with their therapist about their training considerations. 
  8. This policy will be provided by the Center’s receptionists to any Master’s or Doctoral student seeking treatment at the Counseling Center. 
  9. This policy will also be posted on the Counseling Center’s website.


These policies have not been put into place to discourage anyone from obtaining therapy that they need. The Counseling Center staff values the contribution therapy can make to the development and growth of graduate students in training. The Center staff will provide a list of practitioners and will try to work with community agencies and individual therapists to provide no-cost or low cost therapy for graduate students, though Center staff cannot promise this will occur.

If there are any questions please contact:
Pei-Yi Lin, PhD, HSPP
Director of Training
Counseling Center
Ball State University
Lucina Hall, Room 320
Muncie, IN 47306-0895
Phone: 765-285-1736